Cuckold Fool

Mistress Sara, Here is my humiliating cuckold life. I am a strip club addict and always fall in love with strippers. As I got older and gained more weight, I knew I was running out of time before I’d just be the sad old fat ass with a big wallet. So, I asked a stripper who I was in love with to marry me and I was shocked she said yes. I should have known she had ulterior motives. She gave up working at the strip club. She wanted me to give her the same amount of money in cash that she was used to making every week, so that she could go shopping. I should add that I live in Los Angeles, California, because this is an important detail. And that I didn’t get a pre-nup, because I thought I could offer her a lifetime of what she would want, since she, too, wasn’t getting any younger and would reach a point where men wouldn’t be interested in her.

Then, I found out that my stripper wife was only planning to be with me for five years, the exact number of years required in California by law to be entitled to a 50/50 divorce partition of community property. She had a boyfriend who was in some rock band and a lot of the cash I gave her was money she gave not just to her boyfriend, but for the band to keep going, to try to make it big, yeah… She was always out and said she was out with her stripper friends, which was kind of believable, all those girls party hard. But I had my suspicions. And I was right.

I found out all the above, because my wife lost her phone and got a new one, then I found the old one in between couch cushions and had a friend hack into it, so I could read her texts. I had been thinking about putting a GPS tracker on her car or hiring a P.D. to follow her and find out what was up. But it was as simple as looking in her lost phone. Her texts to her boyfriend were the most revealing and made me feel so used and cuckolded. She told her boyfriend that she was looking up cuckolding ideas online and that she was going to put me in cuckold subspace and keep me there. She also said to one of her stripper friends that I was lame in bed, had a small useless dick and that I grunted like a blubbery walrus when I had my orgasm. My wife was planning to cut me off from sex soon according to what she told her friend, because she couldn’t stand fucking me. I kept this phone and jerk off to the sexy pics she sexted her boyfriend. I am such a wimp, I haven’t even told her anything I know from the texts.

Now, I have to decide if I’m going to stay married to her, fund her shopping sprees and her boyfriend’s band or divorce her now and be done with it. I feel like such a cuckold fool.

My Hot Wife Talks like a Black Girl

Dear Mistress-Cuckold Sara… My dilemma is this… My beautiful wife has turned me into a cuckold and I don’t regret that I am now a cuckold, but she has gone over the top into her role as a Cuckoldress hot wife. Specifically, she is hung up on black bulls and totally embraces the black culture. She now talks like a black girl in a ghetto way around me and her girlfriends who embrace the same lifestyle. She listens to rap music and knows all the disgusting, raunchy lyrics. She takes self shot photos of herself (I think they are called selfies) and posts them on Twitter on #whitegirlwednesday and black men send her private messages about what they want to do to her. She also posts her photos on other social media sites like Instagram. She doesn’t care if I see her iPad open to these webpages. In fact, I think she flaunts these things to humiliate me as her cuckold.

She wears Ace of Spades and other jewelry that indicate to black men that she is a hot wife and loves black men. And she has gotten some tattoos including an Ace of Spades tattoo on one of her ass cheeks. Recently, at a family event where we were all out by the pool, her mother commented about the tattoo which was half visible above her bikini line. She told her mother it was because she had taken up playing blackjack and was very lucky in cards. Her twin sister smirked when she said this. Obviously, her sister knows otherwise. The only time she talks like a white girl is around her mother or other older relatives. Her mother called me and told me she disapproves of her daughter gambling in casinos and that she will become a woman of ill repute if she continues to do so. She demanded that I need to rein her daughter in. Her daughter is out of control, but I can’t control her. And if her mother only knew the truth, she’d have a heart attack!

Sports Cuckolding

Mistress Sara, I had a few very strange sports cuckolding incidents happen to me recently. The call center company I work for (I’m in upper management) had several Filipina executives from our call center over there come to the U.S. for more executive training. One of the Filipina execs is a very beautiful girl, single, age 28. We worked on training for several weeks and she also asked to hang out with some of my colleagues at the company after work hours to perfect her English, which I found pretty good, but she said she wanted to be more fluent.

Interracial Sport Cuckolding

One night she hung out with me and I took her to a Hooters on her request, she wanted to go to a Hooters since she had heard about the infamous restaurant and she definitely wanted to try their wings. This was during the basketball finals between the Heat and the Spurs. She was mesmerized by the huge black men and couldn’t take her eyes off the widescreen. She kept saying: Oh my, how big is that black man? And how big is that black man? Clearly, she was impressed by them and unimpressed by me. The more she kept commenting about the black players on the Heat and the Spurs, I felt like I was a white midget at 5’9″ in comparison to the big black ballers. She was devouring her buffalo wings and wiping off the spicy hot wing sauce and her eyes were locked on the tv screen. It was like I wasn’t there except to answer questions about the black athletes like LeBron, Dwyane, Chris, Tony et al! I was getting a severe case of interracial sports cuckolding. Especially, when I thought maybe when she was asking how big they were, she didn’t mean how tall they were, instead she was asking how big their black cocks were.

Cuckolded by Black Athletes

Then… at work the next day she asked if she could find some tshirts of the Heat players so I took her to Sports Authority after work. She selected a LeBron tshirt and I felt so cuckolded especially when she said she was going to sleep in the shirt! She even informed me that all of the Heat and the Spurs black players looked like black gods! When I told her that Tony Parker of the Spurs had been married to petite actress Eva Longoria, she said, “I know, what a lucky girl to be married to a rich black man. Why did she leave him?” It was a question I had no answer for!

I feel like such a cuckold now. None of the hot Filipina execs even flirted with me, but some hooked up with other guys I work with. The guys I work with all wanted to know if I hooked up with Aurora (name changed) and I winked to mean that I did, while I shamefully knew I didn’t. I even have to confess that when I was watching the ballers on the wide screen televisions, sports cuckolding was definitely happening, and it was making my white dick hard.

This is just another case of interracial sports cuckolding, a term that I invented on my Cuckoldress and Sara’s Playroom blogs! Women sometimes aren’t even aware when they are sports cuckolding white men by commenting about how superior black men and black athletes are! ~Sara

Cuckold Humiliation

Mistress Sara, here is my cuckold confession. I have to stay in the garage of our home whenever any of my wife’s lovers are here at night servicing her sexually or… if one of her lovers is over during the day, I have to wash his car. It’s so embarrassing. I wonder what the neighbors think if they see this other man arriving and coming into the house and then I wash his car? And then he leaves a few hours later? My wife has some black bulls, some white studs. The black bulls are especially cruel and will even inspect their car after I’ve washed it as they are leaving, to make sure it is perfectly clean. They will also tell me how hot my wife is and how they fucked her pussy so good. This makes my small penis get so hard. Why?

Creampie Humiliation

My wife will then demand that something else is perfectly clean, her pussy. I must provide creampie cleanup. She won’t let me see her or hear her have sex. She says even though it would humiliate me more than I am already being humiliated, I don’t even deserve to see her getting fucked by huge cocks. Oh, and I’m not allowed to masturbate while she is getting fucked. I am supposed to sit in the garage on this overturned crate and call you on Niteflirt from my cell phone and tell you about my cuckold humiliation. As you told me to do, when I was in the garage during our recent cuckold phone sex call, I got out a penlight and a maglight. Yes, I could see the difference in the flashlight sizes especially since the maglight was black and rubberized and as huge as some of the big black cocks I’m sure she is fucking. And the penlight, to be honest to your blog readers, was even longer than my tiny penis. My wife only lets me masturbate when I’ve done a good job on creampie licking. She lashes out at me with verbal humiliation the whole time I am cleaning out another man’s superior sperm. Then, she makes me kneel in front of a little wastebasket and wank right into it and tells me to dispose of my inferior splooge.

French Maid Sissy Cuckold

My wife also makes me change the sheets on the bed and even lick the wet spot before I change them and put any towels that her lovers used after they took a shower into the washer. She says I should have a little cart like a hotel maid and wear a French maid outfit. I’m worried that she might turn me into a French maid sissy and a sissy cuckold. This is really scaring me, because like I told you during our cuckold phone sex call, I am so powerless in her presence. I literally feel compelled to do whatever she tells me to do, no matter how depraved. You told me to embrace my cuckold marriage and to do whatever my Femdom cuckoldress wife wants in order to keep her happy. But I am worried, since I read a popular cuckold forum, that if she loses all respect for me, she will just leave me and divorce me. You told me that is her prerogative and that I have to accept that. I am a subby hubby. And with my small penis, it would be my fate to be a cuckold subby with any woman. No woman wants a four inch tiny penis in her pussy. So, there is my confession to your cuckold domination blog readers. I look forward to reading more of your cuckhold blog when other readers are brave enough to share their cuckold stories.

Cuckold Sugar Daddy

You have to read this pathetic confession from a Cuckold Sugar Daddy emailed to me here at Mistress Cuckold…

Sara, I had a much younger girlfriend who used me as a Cuckold Sugar Daddy. It happened so gradually, I didn’t even notice At first, I felt like such a lucky guy that I had snagged this 20 something hottie when I’m 40 something and not hot. I’m a lawyer and work in a specific field where I make nice money. My friends warned me that Melissa was only after my money, but she never really asked for any money from me. She did have the expectation that we would only dine out at the nicest restaurants. She would leave expensive things on layaway for me to pick up for her, typically designer handbags and shoes. I didn’t complain because I would see her wearing the shoes and carrying the bags when we were out on dates. Then she told me I needed to put my credit card on account at her salon, so she could get her hair and nails and waxing done at my expense and I should be happy to make sure she always looks beautiful. Of course, I agreed because I wasn’t giving her money directly and I wanted her to look beautiful. I thought since I enjoyed her beauty, this was only fair. Now I have to reveal something embarrassing. I’m not very well-hung and don’t last that long in bed, maybe 5 minutes. I’ve never been married, although I came close a few times. I broke up with my fiancees for cheating on me. I didn’t realize at the time, because this was back in the 90’s before cuckolding had become popular, that they were only getting the hot sex they needed, which they couldn’t get from me. I kept thinking to myself: how could Melissa think I was satisfying her if all of my previous relationships had ended due to my sexual inadequacies?

My relationship with Melissa went on for about 6 months. I was beginning to get the feeling she wasn’t that into me and that she was just using me for a Cuckold Sugar Daddy, but I had no proof. Then one cataclysmic night, I found her phone at my place, it had fallen out of her bag. It made my penis hard to even hold her phone and go thru it to read her text messages. There were so many text threads from her girlfriends, but also from other men. From their photo icons, it looked like they were all younger guys, way younger than me. Finally, I found this one thread where the guy, Cale, was in a convo with Melissa about ditching the old lawyer loser, stop fucking that dickless douche, didn’t you get enough swag from him already, does he love licking your pussy after I fuck you… and on and on. I thought reading these texts would make me mad or feel humiliated, instead it made my little dick harder and I jerked off. Then I got a phone call and saw it was Cale’s icon on the incoming call screen. I picked up. It was Melissa. She asked if I was having fun going through her phone. I played stupid and said I’d just found it. She laughed. She said have fun with it, she was reporting it stolen and that she was never going to see me again. She said there were plenty of nude pics of Cale for me to jerk off to in her photo albums.

To top it off, I forgot that my credit card was on file with the salon till my next credit card statement came in and I saw multiple visits to the salon after our “break-up”. I wanted to call the salon and tell them to take my credit card off Melissa’s account, but I didn’t have the balls to do it. So my credit card is still on file there. And I jerk off to my credit card statement when it comes in the mail. I am such a pathetic Cuckold Sugar Daddy.

Interracial Sex

Mistress Cuckold, I confess that I first started noticing black men when I was playing high school and college football. I played center, yeah, I’m a big, tall, white guy, but not big where it counts and not big compared to hung black men. I didn’t make it to the pros as a player, but I work in sports. Up until about 5 year ago, when I would meet a lot of beautiful women, they would go for me. I knew my physique was unique and attracted them. They assumed I was a real man with a big cock. But I’m not. I’m a submissive at heart and I only have 5″. I believe I pursued sports because of my size, but also to overcompensate for my small penis. I tried to make up for lack of size by licking pussy, but every man knows, licking pussy isn’t enough for beautiful women to be satisfied. I’ve been working in sports for almost 20 years now and while white women have always chased after big black cocks in sports, it has reached an interracial sex frenzy in the past few years. I don’t know if this has become more emphasized in pop culture such as Kim Kardashian chasing black athletes and rappers, Kendra Wilkinson’s lust for black cock and other hot white women turning down white cock in favor of black cock. Interracial sex is taking over. Now, the white chicks don’t even want white men and they only flirt with me to get me to introduce them to hung black athletes. I have become a sports cuckold.

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