Cuckolding History

Cuckolding history… in Europe and old England during the Middle Ages, men who had been cuckolded and shamed by their wives and the superior males who were taking their wives sexually, were often led down the street on a rope with horns on their head to symbolize their cuckold status. This public humiliation put cuckolds in their place. Public cuckolding illustrated to everyone in the town or village that the cuckold’s wife sought sexual satisfaction from a man with a larger cock, with more manlier attributes or with more powerful status. Unlike other cultures, where there was a stigma on those who dared to commit adultery, the English and European cultures indulged cuckolding. Cuckolds were often forced to wear a hat with horns in public after the initial cuckold public humiliation parade. And cuckolds were often thrown the sign of the horns by townspeople. In Europe, the sign of the horns is still used to throw bad luck on others. This bad luck sign is why you see some Europeans, mainly Spanish or Italian men or men of European descent, wear the gold horn pendant. This pendant wards off the bad luck of the horns. In the U.S. we know this hand sign as the popular “hook ’em horns” bullhorns with the index and pinkie finger raised. Centuries ago, this sign was thrown to mock the cuckold and remind him of his cuckhold humiliation.

Today, men can still suffer the shame of being cuckolded, but typically by their wife or girlfriend and her superior lover who might put the cuckold in panties or humiliate him for being less than a man, ridicule him for his lack of penis size or for being a wimp or loser.

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